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15 Jul
Sticker print shop that's been recommended by several people.
13 Jul
"Dancers at Glasgow's SWG3 are doing more than work up a sweat. They're helping drive a world-first power system."
11 Jul
Downsides of Flatpak distribution, by Martijn Braam.
Via cwebber, who points out the problems extend to docker and snap as well. Also on Lemmy:
11 Jul
This is awesome: a lunar eclipse seen from the side, from a space probe out near Mercury.
11 Jul
"In 1843, Ada Lovelace published the first nontrivial program. How did it work?"
11 Jul
"After wildfires destroyed Lahaina, the battle to restore an ancient ecosystem will shape the town’s future."
11 Jul
Table of corresponding actions on dnf (Fedora/Red Hat), apt (Debian), emerge (Gentoo) and...zypper (SUSE)?
10 Jul
"Review of early citations for 'ghost' signs, dating from 1981 and prior to the publication of William Stage's Ghost Signs: Brick Wall Signs in America."