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4h ago
A = All functionality works without JavaScript.
B = Non-essential functionality doesn't work. C = Important functionality doesn't work. D = Nothing works without JS.
20 Jun
On Murderbot and its influences among science fiction, AI stories, and neurodivergence.
20 Jun
Great discussion on MetaFilter on a really interesting piece by Martha Wells on Murderbot and its influences.
19 Jun
Archived link to article by Amit Singh of KernelThread. It looks like he incorporated it into the first chapter of a book on Mac OS X and released that chapter online, but both kernelthread and the book's website are no longer up.
18 Jun
Consensus is to use minimum legit date - ex. "1953:08:01 00:00:00" for August 1953.
Technically spaces are allowed for the unknown parts ("1953:08: : : "), but the poster isn't sure about compatibility with other tools. XMP tags allow leaving out the unknown parts, so "1953-08" would be valid
18 Jun
Interesting look at pre-colonial land management and the impact of small, controlled burns.
18 Jun
"The following applies to minimal websites that focus primarily on text. It does not apply to websites that have a lot of non-textual content."
"My hope is for readers to consider a subset of this page the next time they build a website, and address the trade-offs they make when they deviate."
18 Jun
Making paint with structural color instead of pigment