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10h ago
"A considerable amount of people assume Wayland isn’t particularly suitable for gaming, usually because you can’t turn off the compositor. This post will challenge that assumption and see how the current state of gaming on Wayland is, with a focus on KWin, KDEs compositor."
10h ago
"2023 was a great year for the Wayland driver for Wine, but our work is not yet done."
2 Mar
"When you write a blog post, you can say as much or as little as you want. You can document a whole project you completed that made you happy, or you can document a tiny piece of it. You can share your plant watering routine, or you can share your journey of going from having no plants to six plants and the plant care tips you learned across the way. You can write a follow-up post, or not."
29 Feb
"These committees make party endorsements, which gives them quite a bit of influence, but there's not much information on the candidates. We asked some experts for advice."
28 Feb
"Let’s take a few steps back before jumping into this mess. Why don’t we try to do these things using the <button> element? It’s got some useful tricks up its sleeve..."
It's easier to just style a *real button* than to try to re-implement everything in JavaScript.
28 Feb
"How Futurism gave us the word "robot," the movie Metropolis, and this map of the body as a factory."