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13 Apr
"When writers swap Trump for Cheeto and 45, it's not just a put-down. Removing a keyword is the anti-SEO—transforming your subject into a slippery, ungraspable, swarm."
Well, the terminology aged poorly.
10 Apr
"Much is going to hinge on how the Act understands the fediverse."
9 Apr
Sharing tool that acts as glue between your site and modern social media like Mastodon, Threads, Bluesky, Known,, WordPress, and some Indieweb schemes
9 Apr
"Accessible design is often reduced to adding alt text and avoiding colors imperceptible by colorblindness. While physical differences are an important component of accessible design, cognitive differences are often ignored entirely. Brandon Gregory considers three common types—inattention, anxiety, and depression—and how they impact their users, patterns that trigger those conditions, and how designers can..."
5 Apr
"There is a growing gap between what a high-end device can handle and what a middle to low-end device can handle."
"Similarly, there is a growing gap between what a top of the line network connection can handle and what someone with a poor mobile connection or satellite connection can handle." "The cost of that data itself can be a barrier" "Poor performance can also result in actually reducing the life-span of the devices we do have" "In 2016, video, tracking scripts and sharing buttons caused the average website to swell to the same size as the original version of Doom."
5 Apr
"Ding! This needs your attention right now , notifications seem to say. Boing! It might be an emergency . Or, just as often: Boop! Somebody you love might want to talk to you."
5 Apr
"Why EFF Does Not Think Recent Changes Ameliorate KOSA’s Censorship The latest version of the Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA) did not change our critical view of the legislation. The changes have led some organizations to drop their opposition to the bill, but we still believe it is a dangerous..."
5 Apr
"when the eye starts to blink, the tear electrolytes meet the magnesium anode, causing an oxidation reaction and the generation of electrons. Finally the tear electrolytes come into contact with both an anode and the platinum cathode, creating more energy through further oxidation on the surface of the anode and oxygen reduction on the surface of the cathode."
(use cases: detecting glaucoma or diabetes, augmented reality displays, delivering medication to the eye, etc)